Young Gen-Z entrepreneur Milan Miyla Tyson created and launched the Milan Miyla activewear brand in 2021. The upscale name combines her first and middle name, breeding preeminence in an industry where name is everything.

Milan's competitive world sparks her originality to create athleisurewear pieces in a comfortable yet stylish vibe.  Her passion is designing luxe feeling statement pieces for the unique they, them and others to reflect their inner Rockstar.     

As a young business owner, Milan is involved in every aspect of her collections, from designing, sourcing fabrics to style and fit.   As a young, high-performance junior tennis player, she spends most of her time on the court, all while masterminding her next
deluxe collection.

Milan Miyla is a brand that celebrates diversity of all shapes, sizes, and
colors, and most importantly, is absolutely unapologetically fearless!

Don't Ever Apologize for Being You.

"Unapologetically Fearless." – Milan Miyla